Wednesday, October 11, 2017

September's Writing Challenge: The Winner Announced

And the Winner is.......

Adaline Griffiths

Another guy I need!

The bearded stranger propped himself against the wooden gate, two knives peeking between his fingers. The soldiers around he corner lifted their lanterns higher, the flames barely peeking out of the mist.
"No," the stout man gasped as his brow clenched in fierce determination. "It shall not beat me. It shall not be my ruler." But even as he spoke, his body shook. His eyes became blank and he straightened, his demeanor transforming.

He twirled the steel blades between his hands and stepped out of the shadows to confront the guards, a cocky grin dominating his face.
One of the soldiers pointed his spear at the intruder. "The castle isn't the place for the likes of you," he warned. "All you do is cause trouble for us all."
The bearded man's eyebrows rose, his chin lifted high. He was in front of the man in mere seconds and pushed him to the ground.
"No," he whispered as his eyes swirled inky black. He slid his knife into the guard's side.
"What I create is chaos."

Thank you, Adaline, for joining in the action! I really liked the way you portrayed the bearded man as being cocky - almost likable - but also a dangerous killer. You did a fantastic job using the prompt!

But Adaline isn't the only one who wrote a fantastic story! It was actually a really hard choice because everybody did such an amazing job! A big thanks to all the people who joined! (If you want to see their entries you can click HERE)

You all did an amazing job and it was so much fun to have you all join in! 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September's Writing Challenge

Greetings Faithful writers! 

Welcome to the second Writer's Challenge! This time we're going to shake things up a bit. 

Here is your Quest: In 100-250 words, create a story that captures what is happening in the Picture and utilizes one or both of the Prompt options! 

First: The Picture
Another guy I need!

Second: The Prompt

Option #1
“You said we would be safe here!” I screamed, stumbling as another tremor seized the ground with tremendous force. “I didn't say we would be safe,” Ryder yelled over the chaos, swiftly kicking a door above the knob. It swung open hard, adding another bang to the already chaotic sounds. “I said we would be safer. Follow me!” @Calathiel0114

Option #2
Pretty much Reynold's theme after everything he does.

As before, you can submit your story, with your name, in the comment section below and I will announce the winner next week! Whether you are a writer or not, feel free to enter. Just keep everything clean. (no swearing, gore, or sensuality)

I will be announcing the winner on October 11th!

Let your imagination run free!

P.S Feel free to include your blog address (if you have one) alongside your name. If you win, I'll make sure to post your blog address with your entry. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Writer's Life According to Hiccup and Toothless

How to train a dragon

So, let's just say I've been a bit busy. (Hence my disappearance from the internet world)

A list of my activities include:

  • Hunting (I'm an archer)
  • Trying to get another job
  • Riding horses
  • Being the oldest of a huge family
  • Planning end-of-summer vacations
Couple every bullet point with random/sporadic me and suddenly my day is a perfect routine of Craziness. 

But hey! I'm finally here and I have a really fun post for you all!

A Writers Life According to Hiccup and Toothless

When you finally solve that Plot Hole that has been torturing you
-Dragons- Gift of the Night Fury..toothless

You have just finished banging out the lights on your keyboard and your friend asks you how your book is coming along.
Hey! There's that old smile! I fell in love with his awkward smile in the first movie and it seems to have disappeared in the second. It's nice to have this show to make that transition.

Coming back to the real world
I think I'm crying....this is hilarious xD love Toothless so much ^^

When people say writing is a waste of time
It actually sounded like he was trying to imitate the words "baby boo" to me.<----- I think he's saying "blah blah blah" to me. <== I don't even care I just think its the best thing ever XD

When you read a scene in another book that's almost identical to one that you wrote in yours.
I want a dragon so I can do this! This would sooooo be me!!!

Writer's Block
This is hiccup

Trying to socialize with real people
What we all do in awkard situations ... the hand tap and cheek puff

When you're working through a complicated story idea at a random/bad time (a.k.a when somebody is talking to you) and you just hope nobody asks you a question.
When someone is talking and you're not listening at all.

Realizing you completely messed up an entire story line and have to back and fix it.
Hiccup looks like me when I try not to cry or I'm around Mom...and DON'T want to be!

When people try to talk to you while you're writing
toothless side profile - Google Search

A great idea getting smashed by logic
How to train your dragon birthday party. Power point presentation ideas. hiccup and toothless ... httyd2

And there you have it! Hopefully I'll have something a bit more substantial next time!