Friday, August 4, 2017

Best Things To Eat While Reading

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I know I'm not the only one who enjoys eating while reading. (or drinking tea for that matter) Some people I've met can't seem to read a book without a snack.
I've tried to eat just about everything while reading, and that includes things that a decent person would use two hands for. There are certainly some foods that are more manageable than others. Unless you are the Ninja of Food&Books, pizza can be a test that would certainly earn you a black belt. But there's also a bit of science behind which snacks you choose to eat. You don't want to eat something to yummy or else it will distract you from the book, or the book will distract you from enjoying the food.
So, if you happen to have a good book but no snack-ies, here's a nice little list to help you out.

Item 1: Chips/crackers
These are great because they don't make a mess. (As long as you leave out the dip. That can be a fun balancing game, but terribly distracting for you and probably the people around you as well.) There are many different kinds to satisfy your preferred taste - salty, sweet, nacho, or ranch. I mean, seriously, who can't eat an entire box of Wheat Thins at one sitting. I always laugh at the box that says, "Family Size."  Apparently I'm a family of one!

Item 2: Popcorn
It's like chips, but with butter! (Butter = Better. Right?) If you want to indulge a tad more, sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top to make a simple version of Kettle Corn.

Item 3: Dried Fruit/Nuts
This one you have to be a little careful with. It is way too easy to eat an entire bag of dried bananas and realize that it was probably the equivalent of eating 12 full-size bananas. But it's a healthy alternative to chips. If you're brave, try eating raisins and cheese together. It's one of my favorites!

Item 4: Smoothie/Tea
OK, so smoothie might sound a little weird to some people. But it's actually not bad! Especially if it's too hot for tea (I mourn the day when that happens) nothing beats an ice cold Key Lime smoothie.
But when the evening comes and things cool down, there's nothing like a nice cup a tea. Preferably  a very large one.

Item 5: Chocolate
Hands down, there is no argument that can deny the fact that Chocolate is amazing, rain or shine. But if you don't feel like gnawing on a chocolate bar, go for something simpler and get chocolate chips! It is a rare and special day in our house when a bag of chocolate chips remains unopened until the day it is placed inside a batch of cookies.

What is your favorite food to snack on while reading? I would love to hear about it because I have a good book to read and nothing to eat with it! (I ate all my snacks during my last book)

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  1. All good choices! :)