About Me

Hello! I'm a Homeschool graduate and busy Jack-of-all trades with a tomboy streak. I love writing and have been doing so ever since I thought I could spell 'fall.' I'm the oldest of a big family and thank God for each and every one of my amazing, and very noisy, siblings. I love riding horses, hunting with my bow, and playing guitar with my church as well as taking up any little craft that catches my fancy. If anybody is ever looking for me in the evening though, I'm probably curled up on "my couch" in the corner with a book (hopefully a thick one) and a big cup of tea that always seems to disappear far too soon. (I'll find the culprit one of these days)

My book in progress is called The Prince of Pirates. To learn more you can check out This page or keep exploring my blog. Although I've written many books in the past, and even self-published one, I have higher hopes for this book! This blog is a personal journal of my journey to publishing from the beginning. There is so much to learn walking down the path of publishing. I don't believe writing for a career is silly, so I'm giving it everything I've got and slowly learning new things at every turn.
I love it when people chat and share their thoughts! This blog is for everybody to join in, so don't feel shy!

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