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Characters and Summary

In all honesty, book summaries still remain my greatest foe in the writing battle! Which is why I am stressing the point: This is a DRAFT. (that's an invitation for critiques from you guys!)

Regardless of where you are in life, the age old question will always be there.
What is my purpose in this life?
For Reynold, this is more than a question. It's a challenge. And it's a challenge that cannot be explained by random chance, as the council of Evolutio, the law makers of Heacope, teaches. 
In his search for Truth, Reynold quickly finds himself entangled in the battle against the Fantasizers. To king Bertram, their deaths are his top priority to establish his authority and the law of the Council. But when Reynold, a soldier in the king's castle, is ordered to burn down a building with Fantasizers inside it, he begins to question where his loyalty should be placed. Is there something to what these so-called Fantasizers believe? Who is this Ben Elohim they serve so willingly even to the point of death?
Do they hold the key to life?

I stress it once again: this is a draft and by no means close to what it should be. (This took me a solid 20 minutes as it is, plus re-reading it five times. For me, that's the equivalent to forever) 

Now on to the fun stuff: Characters!

 It's the Reynold glare.
Reynold Sercher
He is the main Character and half Lorien. (I'll get into races next week!) He keeps this thoughts to himself until his sarcasm gets the better of him. He questions the purpose of life because the council of Evolutio's answers doesn't satisfy him.
With a heavy dose of recklessness from his Lorien blood, Reynold is more likely to get into trouble before he gets out of it. 
Age: 17-21

Edmund as a guard in his uncle's palace.:
 Edmund Sercher

Reynold's little brother and the complete opposite in nearly every way. Edmund is happy to accept what the Nobles and educated members of the Evolutio council tell him; no questions asked. He has the same seclusive nature as Reynold but less fire. He has a strong sense of duty and loyalty which clouds his better judgement at times. 
Age: 16-20

Captian Xander on board the Torrent:
 Captain Xander

Owner of the fastest fleet of pirate ships in the water, Xander is also the leader of the Fantasizers. He is Observant and Assertive with the ability to keep everything together even at the roughest times. And just a side note: Everything that goes on anywhere is a part of his business.
Age: 40's

King Bertram:
 King Bertram

The saying, 'looks can be deceiving' could never be more true in Bertram's case. His words of hospitality can bode death to anyone who he feels questions his authority or that of the Council. He rules the land of Heacope with an iron fist under the appearance of a caressing hand. Stay in his good will and you are his friend, hint at questioning his authority, and you will find yourself in the dungeons or dead.
Age: 30's

Prince William glaring Reynold from the room.:
 Prince William

There is no false mask on William's face. He is every bit the spoiled son of the king and makes no efforts to hide it, although his occasional charm has every girl in Acriptus swooning. His pride can be popped by the smallest pin, which in this story, happens to be Reynold. Underneath a haughty face, there is the brilliant mind of a strategist making him both a repulsive and dangerous enemy. 
Age: 19-24


 At over 7ft tall, it's hard to mistake Brodgen for anything other than a mountain of muscle turned pirate. This makes him a comical companion for Reynold, who isn't an inch taller than 5 1/2ft. Brodgen is loyal to the core and as protective as a father, but he doesn't have a problem with hanging you from the highest protruding spike he can reach and leaving you there until he sees fit. (Or you've changed your attitude. Whichever comes sooner.) 
Age: 30's

From her blunt attitude to her vivacious energy, Keilk is Lorien in every sense of the word. She doesn't hesitate to throw a dagger in your direction if she feels threatened, but her heart will melt if you are in need of help. Once you've dared to befriend her, Keilk's bright smile is enough to cheer up the murkiest day. You would never guess the secrets she hides so well.
Age: 17-21

Reynold's Lorien tutor Aderyn showing him the power of Wisdom.:
He is pure Lorien with the wisdom of ages behind him. He lives nowhere and everywhere as a traveler of the world. His arrival in your woods means news from far countries and stories of ancient times. What's more, he begins Reynold's search for purpose.
Age: Unknown

There you have it, a detailed listing of all the main characters and what I think they would look like! (Thank you Pinterest!) If you want to see more of my ideas for characters, places, and other randomness you can look at my Pinterest page.

I'm sure I've got you a bit confused about Loriens by now. Just sit tight! We'll get to that next week!

Have any thoughts or comments? Don't keep it to yourself; be generous and share!

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