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Meet The People

Possibly the castle of Acriptus...:

   Sorry this has taken me so long to get out! It's so much harder to get all the thoughts out of your head and onto paper in a form that actually makes sense to people other then myself!
   Alright, finally we get to talk about the strange people I have created! And this post actually carries a very important lesson behind it, which I will disclose at the very end.


Physical Conformation: 
    Lorenians are slim in build with the tallest growing to be 5 1/2 feet. They have wiry, dark colored hair that is never allowed to grow beyond the ears. Olive skin allows them to put up with the sun, even in intense weather. The pupils of their eyes can dilate like a cat so they can see perfectly in the dark or in the day.
Common Characteristics:
     Most Lorenians work in short bursts of intense energy that allows them to accomplish amazing feats despite their short stature. When there is a situation that demands a high amount of energy, it leaves them drained. However, a short nap will bring them back ready for more. Their hearing is superb when they can make themselves focus. They are as nimble as squirrels in the trees and can run with surprising speed. They dress in dark greens, browns and blacks, which aid them in blending with their forest home. They feel intimidated by Giants and bear a slight grudge towards them because they treat them like children due to their small size.
     If you ever find yourself in a conversation with a Lorien, don't take their comments to personally. They are generally blunt without any intention of being rude. If you get a Lorien upset, which is easily done since most Lorenians prefer to remain in their own thoughts, you will be treated to a high dose of sarcasm or a glare that could melt stone. Once they are befriended, a Lorien reveals a tender side that is hidden under their blunt crust and are the best people to have at your back when is comes to a scrape. They have a fierce loyalty that is not easily broken.
Living Environment and Social Ranking:
      The moment you step foot in the forest, there is a Lorien watching you - making sure you aren't there to cause trouble. They crawl through the trees without making a sound and can vanish, seemingly, into thin air. There are a few Lorenians who make their home in cities but they seldom fit.
       The forests of Heacope are divided among the five Lorien chiefs - the highest ranking Lorien there is. Lorenians, however, do not live in villages or towns. Their homes are scattered throughout the forest, within their chief's district. The Lorien chiefs always remain on good terms with one another due to their limited interactions. Rarely is there ever a cause for the chiefs to come together unless there is war or pressing danger to the Lorenians.


A Farlin on Trueth:
Physical Conformation
     Farlinians are tall and slim, ranging anywhere from 6 to 7 ft tall. Their skin is fair and their hair is worn long by both men and women. The most impressive feature is their wings, which can reach a span of 20ft or more, depending on what bird they are after. Their feet are like those of birds, making them perfectly at home even in the tallest trees. Their eyes are narrow and usually of unique color, such as purple, turquoise, or electric green. Their limbs are slender and they have exceptionally long fingers. Farlinians are unable to grow any beards, which accents their fair skin.
Common Characteristics
     They dress in loose robes that have either slits for their wings or a low back that reaches just above the waist. Their life spans are longer than any other, the oldest Farlin living to be over 200 years old. They are deadly with a bow and can shoot multiple arrows at once due to their large hands. Fish is their favorite meal, which they catch on their own the same way an Eagle would.
    Farlinians are a soft-spoken and gentle people when at peace. But when threatened or in battle they become fierce warriors. They will avoid fighting at all costs and are not easily upset. If the debate can be settles by a conversation, then that is what they will do. A Farlin is most at ease when it is together with a group, or basking in the beauty of nature.
Living Environment and Social Ranking
      The Falinians live in the treetops of the highest trees on the island of Trueth, where trees grow to be giants and the largest limbs are as big around as a Redwood Cedar tree.
Falinians are devoted to God and the old Cousel of Consilium and have their own set of rules apart of the Counsel of Evolutio, which creates the rules for the rest of the known world. All laws are established by their King, Intiele, as well as a select group of nobles.They are a mystical people that have nothing to do with the outside world and prefer to keep it that way.

 Brodgen, Reynold's half-giant protector and friend.:

Physical Conformation
         The first typical characteristic is their size. The Giants of Torup grow to be over 9ft tall with large features, broad flat noses, and big lips. Their hair is black and grown long, as well as wiry beards. Their eyes are deep set and covered by bushy brows.
Common Characteristics
        The Giants prefer a sturdy Mace or broad sword to any other weapon. They wear clothing made primarily of animal skins or roughly woven cloth. Their size allows them to cope with frigged temperatures. They love to farm and provide a vast majority of the grain and produce that is shipped to Heacope by merchants, making them also a wealthy organization. Most are also good smiths and excellent miners.
        Giants are a hospitable and gentle people - easily wounded by offensive words. They are fiercely protective of their friends or family almost to a fault, as they will go to any drastic measure to keep their companion safe without thinking the situation through. They love talking together or singing in their deep rumbling voices. It's not hard to catch a Giant talking happily to the animals it tends to, or humming in the fields.

Living Environment and Social Ranking
          The land of Torup was once a rocky and barren wasteland. The Giants settled there in an attempt to keep their distance from the contentious Humans and offensive little Lorenians. They fertilized the soil and now have large fields and healthy herds that are their pride. The mountains on Torup have a vast network of tunnels created by them and large Iron deposits, which the Giants melt down and make into weapons and armor.
         Giants are led by their chief, who is attentive to the people and their wishes. The Council of Evolutio and their ways have barely touched upon them, although many would quickly pledge their allegiance to King Bertram in a war. There are also some who are devoted to the Counsel of Consilium, although they don't voice such opinions out loud.

 I need this guy in my book! Who should he be?:
Physical Conformation
        Honestly, I would go into more depth on Humans if we lived in Narnia or Middle Earth. But the chances are that if you're reading this you're a Human and have already seen every type of Human there is to be seen. (enough said)
Common Characteristics
        (Fill in the Blank with every Human interaction you've ever had)
        (Ditto what I said above. (Do I even need to go on?)) Can you do parenthesis inside of parenthesis?
Living Environment and Social Status
       (Now I can write) The Humans of Heacope are under the rule of King Bertram, who is under the rule of the Counsel of Evolutio. The King makes the rules pertaining to the ever-changing whims of the people, while the Evolutio creates the foundation on which the rules are established. If something doesn't line up with what the Evolutio says, it doesn't go through.
      The Humans of Heacope range everywhere from the countryside of the Marlin village and seaside town of Yarrow, to the large city of Acriptus.

     Now for the lesson: Planning a riveting story line is important, but creating depth to your characters just as important! Without a solid foundation, your characters will be shallow and weak in your intense situations. When you figure out all of those little quirks and interesting habits, you create characters that the reader gets attached to. I mean, who doesn't love the food-adoring Hobbits? Those little things make the character come alive! Each of the people you interact with have their own set of interesting characteristics. In order for your characters to become real, you have to think about every aspect of their being! (Even if that means going into what your character is allergic to!)

Have you ever read about a character that seemed real to you? What was it about the character that made them stand out?

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